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Our favorite(top?) SRE talks

Over the years there have been a bunch of great talks on site reliability and incident response. Below are a few we thought stood out(in no specific order) and is...

Learning from Incidents - what to do after you write a postmortem?

For folks who’ve made post mortems more meaningful at your company, it is important that you spread that learning around. A lot of companies have teams that do postmortems really...

Creating Histograms in Grafana from Prometheus buckets

In the following example, we will be creating a histogram in Grafana. Our datasource is Prometheus’s cumulative histogram.

[Kubernetes tip] Prometheus for multi-cluster setups

This tip is for those who are using Prometheus federation to monitor multiple clusters.

[Product Strategies] Trust-building elements to increase conversion rates

In order to have a pipeline with great conversion rates, one must integrate a number of design and copy updates into your application funnel for trust-building and user empowerment. These...