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Creating Histograms in Grafana from Prometheus buckets

In the following example, we will be creating a histogram in Grafana. Our datasource is Prometheus’s cumulative histogram.

[Kubernetes tip] Prometheus for multi-cluster setups

This tip is for those who are using Prometheus federation to monitor multiple clusters.

[Product Strategies] Trust-building elements to increase conversion rates

In order to have a pipeline with great conversion rates, one must integrate a number of design and copy updates into your application funnel for trust-building and user empowerment. These...

[Grafana tip] Promoting or duplicating dashboards between organizations for dev and prod instances

For those organizations that use organizations for “prod” and “dev” instances and wanted a dashboard “promoted” or duplicated, manually moving the JSON may not be ideal.

Balancing between Product Owner and Product Management responsibilities

In a fast-moving high-frequency-release environment of today, it is important to enable PM’s to have time/bandwidth to do both PO and PM responsibilities instead of having all of their time...

Getting feedback for mobile applications

Are you looking to get user feedback for your mobile application and testing the validity of new features and overall user statisfaction? Read on.